to screen, diagnose,
and catheterize better

Shifting from blur to lumen

“The escalating prevalence of heart diseases underscores a pressing need for innovative diagnostic methods. Currently, understanding heart problems through imaging still relies heavily on radiation exposure. We believe there should be better ways to understand these issues without using more radiation.”

— Metacognitia

Ultra-enhanced cardiac insights, beyond traditional heart imaging

using our innovative non-invasive, non irradiant, image augmentation solutions: the Hyper Augmented Coro Scanner (H.A.C.S.™) and the Hyper Augmented Coronary Angiography (H.A.C.A.™).

These solutions offer enhanced 3D views of the heart’s anatomy and blood flow insights through AI-driven enhancements of existing images. This means better understanding for Cardiac Radiologists and Interventional Cardiologists without extra radiation exposure or checks.

Elevating cardiac patient journey

Our technology bridges diagnosis to treatment, ensuring accurate diagnostics, precise forecasts, and enhanced interventional strategies

Augmented - Diagnosis

Unparalleled visualization unveilling augmented 3D anatomical insights, superior coronary disease detection, and accelerated evaluation of flow ratios to guide personalized treatment

Confident - Prognosis

Leading-edge forecasting framework: precisely tracking the progression of coronary disease and flow ratio changes over time

Optimized - Interventional support

Real-time enhancements in the cath lab: anatomical augmented views and augmented flow ratios for optimized guidance during catheterization procedures




From reduced to fully augmented cognition, safely 

Who are we ?

We are a startup made up of people who are experts at AI, Vascular Medicine, Biophysics, Data and Computer Science. Together, we are creating a special technology to make heart imagery better and empower heart practitioners with unparalleled cardiac insights. Our goal is to make it easier and quicker for heart patients to get the care they need, while also reducing the amount of radiation they are exposed to.

We chose the name MetacognitIA because it shows our aim to help doctors think better with AI, and because we believe in smart science overall.

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Empowering heart physicians
with next gen cardiovascular insights