Metacognitia Hyper Augmented Angiograms

Empowering heart physicians
with next gen cardiovascular insights

The Hyper Augmented Coro Scanner (H.A.C.S™) enhances standard 64-128 slice CCTA images by over 5X, achieving a resolution closely resembling that of Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT). This advancement reveals precise tissue scalping and stratification within artery cross-sections, thereby revolutionizing arterial anatomical analysis.

The Hyper Augmented Coronary Angiography (H.A.C.A™) improves the resolution of noisy angiography images and offers real-time optical flow ratios as vital hemodynamic markers, crucial for determining optimal stenting thresholds immediately. Additionally, it is enhanced in real-time with a 3D anatomical view obtained from H.A.C.S through a unique technique for fusing image modalities.

Our technology utilizes a multiscale biophysical model that incorporates specific biomarkers, enhanced by an AI-driven anatomical augmentation engine.

Hyper augmentation...

Standard Coro Scanner

Moving from current low and noisy CTCA with standard 64-128 slice resolution ...

Anatomic augmentation

... to an augmented anatomical view with more than 5x spatial resolution increase...

... unveils superior cardiac insights

Hemodynamic augmentation

... leading to an augmented multiscale hemodynamic point of view for a realistic flow inference...

Angiography augmentation

... and, ultimately, real time enhancement in the cath lab


From reduced to fully augmented cognition, safely 


75% of the imaging examinations traditionnaly carried out during the care pathway are avoided. In cath lab, 40% to 60% of interventional time is saved


Additional invasive and potentially harmful or irradiant imaging procedures are made useless. Exposure to radiation is reduced by 60 to 80%


Heart practitioners get better visualization, deep medical insight, full explainability and feed-back, and ultimately confidence, at every stage of the care pathway